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After six years of keeping our malls safe, Paul Blart has earned a well-deserved vacation. He heads to Las Vegas with his teenage daughter before she heads off to college. But safety never takes a hol

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original title: Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2

genge: Action,Comedy,Crime,Family



duration: 1h 34min

tags: Always bet on Blart

budget: $30,000,000

keywords: lasvegas, secondpart, fatherdaughterrelationship, shoppingmall, noopeningcredits, wilhelmscream, sequel, numberintitle, characternameintitle

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Kevin James returns to interpret Paul Blart, the security guard who this time goes to Las Vegas to attend an exhibition on his work and will take to take his daughter Maya to spend time together before she goes to study outside. While at the convention, Paul unwittingly discovers that a robbery is taking place, so as a good hero, he must stop the criminals. Paul Blart's vacation to Las Vegas is cut short when his daughter Maya is kidnapped by an evil mastermind who is stealing valuable art. Now, the game of mall cops has changed, new gadgets and Paul Blart is losing fame. But now in time of emergency he must save the day once again. With a team of classic mall cops try to defeat the thief and save Maya before she is taken away. Can they complete the job or will all the art and Maya be taken away? A couple weeks back, I reviewed Paul Blart: Mall Cop. And if you remember correctly, I'm not one to mark down a film just because it's "just a bro movie". It gave what was advertised and a little bit more with it being a comedic version of bloody Die Hard.

So, when I heard that Paul Blart 2 was not only a bad film but a downright reviled film, my eyes glittered like those cartoon ponies. I couldn't wait to go in, sit down, sicken myself and then write over 900 words telling you how bad it is.

Then I came in, watched it, and got out. My only words were, after the credits rolled; "Was that it? That's what deserved 0% or a half Star rating?"

I was thoroughly disappointed in the fact that the film wasn't as bad or unscrupulous as it could've been. Granted, there are moments of truly revolting stuff, but most of its on the sideline. The rest of the film is only mediocre due to it, following the trend of its parody materiel, having a case of "Die Hard Syndrome", which is when a sequel of a story follows the same story and does nothing new with it in an effort to take away from the backlash. Instead, life and originality is stripped from whatever was there on the original's bones

Instead of a corrupt SWAT Commander and a team of TPTs(Teen Punk Terrorists, for you who have not bastardized your lexicon yet), we have a team of Art Thieves who put up more of a threat and seem more like they have enough power to buyout small countries, but instead waste their time getting punked by Kevin James. Instead of West Orange Mall, we're in Vegas, but the film is very much the exact same movie as the first one. And yes, in the end, it's like the first one. Although, I admit it, I really laughed at how they did it. I won't say how, but it involves a hot chick who was accused of hitting on our leading man.

The only parts That did revile me was the romance subplot with Maya, mostly cause it felt forced in just for the sake of having a romance subplot. I would say it could drive a second wedge into Blart's slowly dying connection with the people he loved (his wife left him after six days and his mum was killed by a milk truck.), but that was already being done far better by Maya's UCLA acceptance letter. Not everything needs bloody romance just to have it, all it does is pad the story.

However, for all it's faults, I can't help but feel a soft spot for Paul Blart 2. While Veck and Kent aren't here, the main villain does a whiplash from a cold, collective Phillipe from Saints Row the Third before literally going insane and becoming a cross between Discord and the protagonist from Saints Row the Third. Just him yelling at Blart trying to bloody 1- up his own craziness with Blart near the end is by far the most hilarious scene in the entire movie, second only to the horse scene from the trailer.

However, this comes after going through all the bad stuff the film forces you through, if only because it had to follow the romance subplot, while the film ALREADY played with it as a joke. And it involved oatmeal lotion that could've killed Phillipe Discord III

When it's all said and done, the film isn't horrible, but I can somewhat see why people want to send this to the bowels of hell

2 and a half Stars- C-Ranking Light and funny this movie is pure and unabashed entertainment - my kids and everyone else in the theater belly laughed throughout. The movie contains no embarrassing or awkward content or innuendo, just lots of great and happy slapstick from the comedic genius of Kevin James. The plot is simple and straight forward; good guys vs bad guys. The minor bits of light violence are gratuitous and kid friendly in the manner of Wile E Coyote. Great good fun - bring your kids and laugh your head off. Better yet, let the grandparents take them and tell you about it after wards. The plot as you've probably already read is the Kevin James character being rewarded with a vacation to Vegas for his exemplary work as a Mall security guard. He brings his teen-aged daughter along for the ride and their hotel is targeted by the bad guys stealing art works from the hotel. The daughter and her newly found love interest get caught up in the heist and Blart comes to the rescue. Nobody was expecting much from Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2, but did it have to be this unimaginative and lifeless?


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